Tracking the airplane’s traffic can now be online

Tracking the airplane's traffic can now be online

Tracking the movement of the aircraft and getting flight information is now, with the support of the Internet, very simple.

Today’s largest web tracking platforms are Flightradar24, RadarBox24 and Flightaware. The position of an airplane in space, these services are calculated either by ADS-B Data live, or by FAA Data with a five-minute delay. Which of the two standards will be used depends on the particular airline.

To start a search, you must enter the flight number in the appropriate line. You will find him, as well as departure and arrival airports, on the airline page or through a simple search on Google. Aviaradis will also provide information on what is happening at any moment in any of the air harbors. To do this, enter its IATA code in the search bar for Sheremetyevo Airport, for example, it’s “SVO”.

Other interesting information that you can get in real time is the approximate delay in the route, time spent on the landing strip, photos of the aircraft, as well as its speed and altitude. To find out what ship is currently flying over your head, you will need mobile application services for Android and iOS.

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