Checking Account Security on Facebook BFF, True or Fake?


Within a few days, everyone is actively writing the comments in just three letters of BFF, it’s allegedly allowing you to check if your account is protected or not. We decided to figure out, such an account security check in the Facebook BFF, is it true or fake?

For the week, Facebook has been accused of leakage of user data to the British agency Cambridge Analytica. After that, users of the Ukrainian segment of the social network began to write about the security check, which supposedly introduced the creator of the company Mark Zuckerberg.

According to them, everyone can find out whether his account was leaked, writing in the post or commentary abbreviation BFF. It is believed that if the letters become green – the account is protected, and if left black, you urgently need to change the password.

In fact, BFF serves to shorten the phrase “best friends forever” – “best friends forever.” This is the status of the Facebook Delight service, which automatically highlights word-triggers and adds animations to them.

Incidentally, this is not the only phrase-trigger that is available to users from Ukraine. Here are a few more phrases for triggers like BFF that you can post in the comments, and watch the animations:

Star in flight ► you’re the best
Flying fingers ► rad
Colored Candy ► best wishes
Spinning fingers ► you got this
Hearts ► xo
Balls ► Congrats

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